Hydrostatic Release Unit (HRU)



Introducing the ASKOROS HRU-LR2, a crucial device for safety across all maritime sectors, including oil platforms, cruise ships, military vessels, yachts, leisure craft, and even aviation evacuation systems.

Developed to address emergency scenarios where manual release of liferafts becomes impossible, the vessel begins to submerge, the Askoros steps in to ensure swift and automatic release.

Operating effectively in depths of up to 4 meters, the ASKOROS HRU-LR2 activates the cutter of the rope from the liferaft linkage. What sets the Askoros HRU apart is its innovative separate weak link design, ensuring a stable breaking strain and simplified installation process.

  • Latest Solas regulation
  • No need to be periodically service
  • 24 months lifetime after installed onboard
  • Approx. 4 m release depth
  • Weak link breaking strength 2.2kN ± 0.4kN
  • RINA Approved

What’s New?


Now all information on the sticker is totally engraved with laser technology; that is more durable.


Inlets are repositioned for optimal water intake-design, reduced and changed to S-shape upwards.


Top and bottom blocks that were connected with bolts before, are now welded with continuous ultrasonic welding technology that allows improved isolation and reduced metal ratio.


Rope is isolated with a heat shrink tube and two sealing bushes to avoid any possible humidity and undesired intake.